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About Me

Born somewhere between the swamps of Jersey and a dead man's town, I learned some of my first love of storytelling from the inimitable Bruce Springsteen. Years spent noodling with short stories and attempting the Great American Novel eventually resolved themselves into an appreciation of the art of writing for screen and stage.

I have now been at that craft for about eight years. In that time, I have penned six feature screenplays and three one-act stage plays. I produced and co-directed one script into a feature film starring Corbin Bernsen and featuring Oscar Winner Shirley Jones. Originally test-marketed as On The Wing, that film will be re-released in 2018 as Eco-Teens Save the World! During its festival run, On The Wing brought home two Best Picture awards and one Audience Favorite prize.

My latest one-act, "The Blue Jay," is a first-date comedy reflecting on love, marriage, and fucked-up-ness. I am happy to announce that it will be produced in New York City in May 2018 at the Jewel Box Theatre.

My latest script and the writing work of which I am most proud is The Eulogy, a feature-length dramedy about a troubled former high school basketball phenom who is asked to deliver the eulogy at his old coach's funeral on the other side of the country. He embarks with his ambulance-chasing best friend and a free-spirited nurse on a  road trip from the Jersey Shore to the Arizona desert and, in so doing, is compelled to face the forces that hold him back. 

If you are looking for me, use the contact form here or just shoot me an email at JC at JerryCasagrande dot com. If you are in Northern Virginia and environs, look me up!

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